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Today is World Environment Day and like everyother day it can be argued that everyday is so what is so special… so lets not even go that folks… On this day just remind ourselves that its our duty to protect our enviroment… We are using and not vice versa

On this day, couple of things that I think we can do and should do and I try and do that can make a difference…

  • CAR POOL/PUBLIC TRANSPORT : Do car pool, use public transport whenever u can… I dont need to tell people that the lesser the number of cars on road the better it is… And coming from me a person who is a car freak its a big thing 😉 But guys I am taking a volvo to my baking class atleast 3 times a week, so all is good
  • DONT USE WATER HOSE : It probably wont even come to your mind the amount of water one uses when using a hose specially when cleaning the car… Never ever do that, take a bucket of water, a mug, couple of newspapers and the car will be sparkling in no time
  • RAIN WATER HARVESTING : Probably the biggest favour we can do to the environment is this… rain water harvesting, if u have an independent house its even easier and is possible in a flat too… Though I am ashamed to say that I dont have this up and running in my own house but we are talking to people to get this done… Guys do it… Chennai probably is the best example of how water problems can be solved just by strict implementation of this.
  • WATER RESUSE : Think water resuse wherever u can, washing veggies – do u really need to wash them in running water, can u wash them instead in a big bowl of water and then reuse the water to water a plant…
  • SAY NO TO PLASTIC : Sadly we have reached a situation where totalno to plastic is no longer possible but lets atleast try and minimize the use, carry a bag when u go veggie shopping… ask the supermarket person to pack your groceries in a box…this goes a long way too
  • RECYCLE : seperate your waste and make compost at home…

I am sure there are many more things that one can do and u guys are doing it too… So tell me whats your secret