Yes I am doing NaBloPoMo and I am so happy that a whole lot of us are doing it this time… yay more power to us !!!! but I usually dont write by the prompts plus till last time their prompts were just one word theme for the whole month but this time its different…. They have a question up everyday and one can chose to answer that in the daily post. I found today’s question very intersting and very relevant in todays context and why dont I was born on Independence day when India got its freedom 😉

So the question is


So for me freedom is :

  • To be able to think and take my decisions on my own and yet be responsible enough to think about others too 😉
  • To be able to walk on the road all by myself at any point of time
  • To be able to drive really I am not kidding I feel so free and independent just because of that one thing, I know it defines more of indepedence but it gives me so much freedom that I feel constrained on days that I can’t drive for some reason
  • To be able wear what I want to…IHM are u listening 😉
  • And last but not the least “Freedom is to be able to be myself “

And BTW Freedom also is the fantastic song by George Michael…. Some amazing lyrics that one has…

So what does freedom mean to u?