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Dont know that rhyme, here is it for u

Goosey Goosey Gander

Where shall I wander

Upstairs and downstairs

and in my lady’s chamber

Where I met an old man

Who would not say his prayers

I took him by the left leg

and threw him down the stairs

And those who still don’t know it its a nursery rhyme, supposed to be for KIDS… what the fuck hell? I mean whatever anyone does you can’t take an old man, infact you cant take any man and throw him down the stairs…. And what was the old man doing in the lady’s chambers is left to your imagination….

What kind of rhyme is this? We all agree that TV has all kinds of things and spoils kids etc etc but these are the rhymes which are made for kids… Do we scan them? Frankly I did not till about some months back someone gifted me a nursery rhymes CD and I heard this one. I was shocked is to underplay it. Then I sat on a mission with my laptop and his CD’s and what I saw even shocked me… I am not sure I would want him to hear quite a lot of the rhymes that I saw…

See this for example…

Teaching eve teasing right from childhood are we?

and there is I had a little Pony which goes like

I had a little ponyhis name was Dapple Gray

I lent him to a lady to ride a mile away

She whipped him, she slashed him

she rode him through the mire

I would not lend my pony now

For all the lady’s hire

anyone heard of gender equality here?

and then there is three blind mice, so much cruelty for three blind animals??????

and this one, I thought we are supposed to respect our elders

Hindi Rhymes are not behind BTW… this one for example

and there are many more like this……..I thought we were supposed to take care of our pets and not beat them with a danda

Ofcourse I am not saying that all rhyme are bad they are the joy of childhood…  but what fails me is the reason why people even try and make rhymes which are supposed to be for kids with such horrible messages. What our children supposed to learn from them?

Do u let your child watch all the rhymes because they are rhymes or u censor them? So how do u deal with this considering one gets rhymes in CD’s usually and how much ever I have tried I haven’t found even one CD in which I approve of all the rhymes..