is what I eventually sing when I lose anything… stupid song yeah I know but old habits die hard πŸ˜‰ Imp’s mom tagged me to list down five things that always disapper when u need them… I would say everything I never find anything I am looking for… 😦 but anyways Iwould try and list the top 5 πŸ™‚

  • The Cell phone : like it everyone’s list my cell phone tops here… its mostly in silent hidden under some pillow or in my handbag and never to be found… u see ringing doesnt help either… there is only so much u can strain ur ears na
  • The Book I am reading : I read and I put it anywhere and then when I want to read I never find it 😦
  • Keys : My handbag like anyother ladies handbag is a pandora’s box it has everything but searching anything is so difficult… everytime I have to take the car out of parking I take 5 minutes to search the key
  • My camera/phone chord : Everytime I have to download some pictures the chord goes missing… baah
  • Last but not the least undoubtely the sajna πŸ˜‰ sigh just when I need him…. to taste the dish in the house, to check my outfit outside the try room, to ask whether he wants to eat a veggie while grocery shopping… everytime I need him he is out of sight

And now I tag

  1. Vandana
  2. Prats
  3. Swaram
  4. Aasan
  5. Pixie