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Hakuna Matata meaning “Don’t worry be happy” according to debut fiction author Srinivas Yanamandra, something which I totally believe in… life is too short to be worried anyways.

The book is about Kaushik a young guy who is a CA topper and is invited for a giving a talk to the juniors on how to handle the pressure of the course and as an added benefit lands up a job in the best of the banks and meets the girl he falls in love with instantly…

Some months down the line he has high paying job, a terrific sense of humor, great friends, and a beautiful and loving girlfriend. Life seems perfect till the day terror strikes their city in “Taj Garden hotel” where the couple were spending some time together

The backdrop of the novel is very clearly based on the Mumbai Taj attacks… even the name of the hotel in the book is Taj Garden 😉 but its interesting how the author has weaved in another very relevant subject these days online banking frauds…

What I liked about the book is the fact that it clearly comes out that he has strong well framed well thought characters.. whether they are the main protagonist or the supporting people like the cops.

What I didn’t like about the book was the editing (it’s becoming a constant complain from me isn’t it) I think its the problem with the high number of books the publishers are rolling out these days and the slightly stale jokes… I mean the sms jokes that most of us have read before.

Its a good fast pace page turner… I finished it in 2 hours flat, one can easily classify the book to be a kind of Metro Read

I have been reading lot of first time authors and the thing which makes me feel very happy to read them is the very fact that Indian Publishing is probably come to a point where its not as difficult to get a book published as it was some years back and its a great encouragement to the budding authors… This was just the kind of book which make me felt that may be I can attempt writing too 🙂

And BTW did I tell u I love the cover 🙂

All in all I guess a worthy one time read… the author also blogs here

Rating 2.5/5

Book Hakuna Matata : Life is Calling

Authors Srinivas Yanamandra

Price Rs 95/-

PS: this review is a little special because this is the first review I am doing on author’s request 😉 feels good because its not really long back I started doing book reviews… Thank you Srinivas…. now that bring me to the league of Smita who rolls out the reviews left right and center 😉