When I picked up May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss, I was really apprehensive in my head because greatbong’s blog is something I really enjoy reading and I was hoping it would not be terrible disappointed like Cryus’s book… Even DORK by Sidin (another blog I liked quite) wasn’t really all that great. So I kept my hopes very low. Consciously telling myself “Girl its ok… it might not be a great book” but at the end of book was happily telling myself… “See its a great book ;-)”

I enjoyed the book thoroughly. It took me back in times when I was growing up and there were tons and tons of times when I was smiling thinking of some aunt or uncle or something that I did when I was that young (sigh I am not old yet than why am I writing this 🙂 ), there were times when I would laugh out loud or start nodding vigorously and people around me would ask… Gone mad kya 😉

The sattire in the book on the fine nuisances of the Great India are so well treated that I really loved them.

The book deals with everything that is close to our Indian hearts… management institutes… now come tell me how many does your town has? 😉 the crazy fundas of the crazy bollywood, the NRI folks on whom our so called economy is based,  the hindi saas bahu soaps and the reality TV  and last but not the least the sexual frustations of the Indian youth

I loved the whole book but my personal favorite was the Back to future he tried to create… just loved it. Don’t want to divulge too much info here on that.

The only small problem I had with the book is that it felt very raw and not too refined if u understand what I mean but going by the way he writes his blog I am guessing this is intentional 😉

I would certainly classify it as a very good read though give it a skip if what u love is primarily stories with characters defined.

Rating 3/5

Book May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss

Authors greatbong aka Arnab Ray

Price Rs 199/-