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Yesterday it was BBMP (municipal) election in Bangalore. While me and mil went and voted N couldn’t because he was traveling for some biking fun with the boys.

So yesterday when the maid came in late… I asked her

Vote de aaye?

And then she yes and said this

Haan madam de tou diya but kya fyaada… 20 din se sabko chicken biryani khila raha hai main nahin khaayi, kyonki mujhe usko vote nahin karna… acha nahin hai woh… and aaj subah subah aake blanket, saree and 500 rupiyah diya aur bola vote mujhko hi dena. chalo saath do deke aao… and uske bande sab saath gayee and ushi ko vote dena pada.. kya karoo madam aadmi bhi yahan nahin hai so jaisa bola waise kar diya

Translation : Ya I gave the vote but what good it is. One of the candidates was feeding the whole area chicken biryani in the night she claims she didnt even have one day as he is not a good candidate and she didnt want to vote for him. Then the morning of the voting that guy came and gave her blanket, saree and rs 500 in cash and asked her to vote for her… As her husband is not living (thats a story for another post) she did what she was asked to

I was stunned… I was angry… I mean I know buying votes etc is not a new practice but somehow I never thought it would be existent in a big city like Bangalore. The so called IT city of the country…

Is this voting even worth it? Then I was discussing this with thehrstore on twitter and he said this

@monikamanchanda – Damn! That’s bad. 😦 At least their vote counted. We’ve a number problem here. Glad u voted.

which made me think… true she has atleast voted this way and if she was smart enough she would have taken the money and voted for someone else 😉 but then how many people are so fearless and gutsy?

Does this vote really count? What do u think… is it better to not go and vote than to vote for people like this under such circumstances?