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The ruins of Hampi….

where sunflowers grow in abundance

where balance between the brown and the green is amazing

where we have ganesha’s of all sizes… the mustard ganesha

and the peanut ganesha

where the rocks teach you the balancing act like no one else can

where there are gopurams tall…. virupakasha temple… its 9 floors and 52m in height only 2 m short of meenakshi temple

and there are some natural frames

even the sapera has a story to tell

and music is always in the air

precious stones and gold was sold in an open market

where the river tungbhadra completes the balance

and there are more colors than one can think

the craftmanship is to die for

and the queen’s chamber remains as cool as a AC room just by regulating ventilation

where even the animals were kept in places as majestic as these

where there is the famous stone chariot

and the master piece in itself the Vithala Temple where each pillar makes the sound of a different musical instrument….

and last but not the least where sunset brings with itself a medley of colors (unfortunately the day we went was cloudy so the colors were not as prominent as they usually are but they still left us speechless)

We did a hampi trip back in 2006 and u can read the trip account here.… and for more information on Hampi click here

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