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When I did the review of Eat Pray Love Sols left a comment telling about   a book called Drink, Play, F@#k : One man’s search for everything….

I immediately loved the tittle and having enjoyed “Eat, Pray, Love” I thought of gifting this one to N… but alas couldn’t locate it any of the stores and then I found it on Flipkart, I was elated to say the least and told Sols and Prats both about it… and then Sols said I should get N to review it and I loved the idea… it would be a great way to have him write something for my blog too 😀 😀 😀

So here it is guys…. my first ever guest post by darling N who ever so rarely reads my blog that he writing for it is leaving me very very happy….

And Solilo darling this one is for u too… for the idea of the book and the idea of the guest post… hugs and muah

PS: Spoiler ahead its actually more of synopsis

Drink Play F@#k the fitting retort to Eat Pray Love is what I have heard from multiple sources…

Well! I don’t know nothing about Eat Pray Love as I have not read the same. But Drink play F@#k is a light fast read and entertaining.

Bob Sullivan starts out by clinically putting on table some of the facts of how and why he thinks the marriage went sour. The pragmatic description of his feelings and thoughts makes you sit up and take notice with a wry smile on your face.

He starts off by hitting the pubs in Dublin hard, really hard! In the back of my mind the recurring thought was why is he ruining his health like this, the health freak that I am currently. Everything in moderation is the order of my day. In the process of binging he breaks the nose of one pretty lass in one of the pubs. He completely misses her lips and head butts her nose in his intoxicated state. When he is known by first name in many of the Pubs and by nick names in many more, he hits the whisky trail suggested by his drinking mentor Colin. He also fleetingly chances upon a pretty women Alicia who is shooting a documentary and of course he is caught on the wrong foot knocking himself down in gift store. He manages to spend an hour walking about with her.

He packs off to Las Vegas. In the airport of landing he chances upon Rick (Deepak Chopra’s  fitness trainer) and miraculously hits it off big time with him. Ok don’t get ideas here….i mean they become the best gambling-together buddies Las Vegas has seen in some time. Initially Bob takes quite a beating at the tables. Rick evolves into Bobs Guru and guides him through. They together take Las Vegas by storm and keep making big bucks especially in sports betting side of things. They apparently develop a ‘feel’ for betting right and winning big bucks. They pace their gambling by playing quite a bit of golf. While Bob’s bank balance is swelling big time, they together bet a huge sum on one particular night and go burst. Bob’s gambling interests reach the saturation point. He calls it quits and moves on to the land of thighs “Thailand

Rick books him into this exotic only-by-invitation resort on an Isthmus which is off the main tourist circuit. He meets with a young Indian lady Devika who is the daughter of some high profile Indian ambassador folks staying aroound. They f@#k around big time right under the noses of the uninterfering Indian parents. Remarkably enroute to Thailand Bob befriends a popular American TV Sitcom writer Peter who invites him & Devika to a private yacht ride filled with the most georgeous women…even the crew are sexy curvaceous women. Bob and Peter are the only men onboard. Devika is very quickly drunk and swinging the other way and doing it to other beautiful women and the yacht starts departing from the port. Here is where bollywood direction takes over in full istyle. Inebriated Bob spots Alicia on the shores, gallops towards the railing, leaps over, plunges into the water and swims his way to the shore only to find Alicia disappear. He catches a ride back in a rickety old bus and ferries his way close to the island and decides to cut through the last mile foliage to the resort by foot. He hopelessly loses his way in the dense jungle falls backward onto a mud path only to be rammed by a 4×4 carting Alicia. She nurses him back to good health and they live life happily married.

I have written this under the duress 🙂  (or should I say express command) of my better half and she often tells me that I muddle the facts of books I read and recount.

Rating 3/5

Book Drink Play F@#k

Authors Andrew Gottleb

Price Rs 477/-