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one of the five elements of the greatly useful to the mankind at the same time extremely dangerous and I think hence considered as very pure…

The below picture is taken at Tirumala, Tirupathi

Unfortunately the dangerous side of fire was also shown to Bangalore yesterday as their was major fire due to short circuit Carlton Towers resulting in 9 dead and 70 injured.

May all of those rest in peace and God provide courage to their families to deal with the loss and those injured be fit very soon

The sad part in yesterday’s fire was that if we were better equipped much more damage could have been saved… I feel so angry when I write this, angry on the authorities who are not equipped enough to deal with a fire… angry with people who instead of helping were standing taking pictures and videos inturn blocking the way for the fire engine… Can’t we be least bit sensitive??? Is it so difficult?

PS: I am sorry for the rant I usually try and keep the ABC Wednesday posts happy but the very fact that N was there five minutes before the fire started is making me very sad and worried… what if the fire had started 5 minutes before or N decided to stay there for 5 more minutes… Plus some friends friend have lost their life in this…Please pray for everyone