About 2 months back when we went to the zoo… I took this picture (I know its a cheetah…) looks majestic but me and N were discussing that how sad it looks behind the bars and I had this very very said feeling about it… But when I read that there are only 1411 tigers left in the country which once had the highest numbers the first thought that came to my mind was that may be they are better in the zoo atleast they will not poached

I hope we are able to do something and Ojas really gets to see them rather than only the pics…

Simple and sensible steps one can do copy pasted directly from Parul’s post

Spread the Word

Let everyone know that our tigers are on the brink of extinction and that they need us. Now. You can start by joining the Save Our Tigers movement on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and spreading the word wherever you go – online or offline.


A short message can go a long way to help save our tigers. Let all your friends know about the movement through SMS – just type in your message and ask them to visit SaveOurTigers.com to join the roar.

Write to Editors

Write a letter or an email to editors of popular newspapers and magazines, asking them to support the cause and highlight the urgency to save our tigers. The more people we can reach and inform, the louder our roar will be.


Organizations such as WWF and The Corbett Foundation work for tiger conservation and need our active support. If possible, you can chip in with funds, volunteer for work or donate clothes, etc. for the forest guards by tying up with such organizations.

Volunteer for Our Tigers

Your time is the most important contribution for our tigers. If you think you have the skills or the commitment to help the tigers on-site, do contact an NGO working for tiger conservation to volunteer for our tigers.

Preserve our Natural Resources

Loss of habitat is one of our tigers’ biggest problems. We can reduce pressure on forests by avoiding unnecessary use of forest-derived products, such as paper and timber.

Be a Responsible Tourist

Visit tiger sanctuaries and national parks and discover our country’s natural heritage. But please remember that the wilderness is to be experienced, not to be polluted by packets of chips, etc.

Go here for more information and doing your bit. Lets be responsible enough to make the next generation see the majestic animal