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I have been having a very quite valentine today, the first after we have met… We both are always looking for something or the other to celebrate a day… I know most people say that its a cliche everyday is a day for love but I strongly believe that little celebrations just revive the love, the romance factor in a relation… So valentines is a perfect reason for celebration for us and we make it a special day everytime… A holiday around that time… the 12 o’ clock celebrations, a romantic candle light dinner, a evening in the city club… something for just of the two of us…

But this valentines due to my neck (which is much better BTW πŸ™‚ ) we are at home… doing nothing and just resting and so when I read this post by Goofy..Β  I felt a little sad and happy at the same time…

So here is what my ideal valentine date would have been (and that is what we had planned before the neck pain hit me 😦 well almost minus the thin sexy avtar and the Ferrari)

A sexy red Ferrari convertible with a sexier me πŸ˜‰ , N driving on the lovely highway… we zipping past sunflower fields and hair flying away stopping only for a cutting chai on the road side and finally reaching the destination a lovely resort tucked away in a lovely coffee estate… just the two of us in quaint and a very romantic suite with orchids on the side and a private pool, endless conversations flowing, reading books side by side, long long walks followed by wine in the pool,chocolate andΒ  and ofcourse lots of nocturnal activities happening at all times of the day πŸ˜‰

So whats your perfect date? What did you plan for valentines and did it happen that way?