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Bellikal is a small village just 12 kms before Oooty and u have to go there to believe how pristine it is… tea estates as far as you can see and a couple running a small make shift resort in their ancestral house which is a basic house with a lovely old architecture and best of all there is no cell phone signal there 😉 and even no electricity… it was an awesome experience going back to nature when we went there about 3 years ago…

here are some pictures

Lake somewhere on the way

deers on the way in bandipur (which is also a B BTW)

and carrots growing what fun we had eating fresh carrots…

some breathtaking views

lovely wild flowers… such charm they have

Clouds creating a ghostly effect

and last but not the least total fun 😀 thats me, N, my sis A and cousin S 🙂

PS: here’s a post I did on our host and the place after I visited

PPS: And B is also for a break…. I am off to Delhi on Friday as my mom is getting retired and the few posts are scheduled so I may or may not be able to reply to them but will do that once I am back so keep reading 🙂