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I typical tambram (tamil brahman) family living in a small hard-core tamilian town…. with two daughters going on routinely and then tragedy strikes them when the mother passes away in a road accident which not only makes the family go into sadness but it also turns the life of the elder daughter upside down when she is made to take her mother’s position and pulled out of school…

The story is actually the tale of two sisters and how they grow with a very emotionally distant father and a strange and manipulative aunt, on how the elder one becomes a veena prodigy and then shakes the household once again by running away only to become the second wife of Muslim actor, on how the younger finds her lost mother in her sister only to lose her again

The emotions explored by the novel are at times very brilliant and N tells me that it has captured the small details of tamil household pretty well too…For me the book was like an insight into what a tambram house would ideally look like…. Though the story was typically for a tamilian girl and lot of details were such I could understand the pain and could extend it to any part of India and imagine typically the same happening if the mother passes away…

What makes the book a little different from others is that its written by a man which is very rare in such kind of books and I must say Ameen Merchant handled it decently well

Remember how I said inΒ  Zoya Factor that I liked the fact that book was in Hinglish and also Smitha said in her review that she had a problem with it which I didnt seem to undertand… well I understand now… because the book uses Tamil quite liberally πŸ™‚ not as much as Zoya factor though and the couple of Tamil words that I have learned in 5 years of marriage certainly helped me πŸ˜€

All in all I would give it a rating of 3 I think and if u are a tamilian then u can relate to it more and I am sure u will give a better rating than this

Rating 3/5

Book The Silent Raga

Authors Amen Merchant

Price Rs 395/-

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