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Zoya Factor has been in my books to read list since it came but somehow I was not picking it because everyone knows I am not a cricket fan but then I consistently started hearing good reviews about it and that still didn’t motivate me enough to buy it… wanted to read it but didn’t want to spend the money… I can be like that for some books haan 😉 and then came Just Books… a library in Bangalore… man I love this… I was a member of Easy Lib when I was carrying and used to only read read and read but somehow in Easy Lib the problem I found was that there were too many complications in the way they issued, u needed to have the price of the book as the deposit etc but Just Book I like I like…. and they have a good collection of kids books too….though I like easy lib too 😉

Ok enough I divert too much from the topic all the time 😀

coming back to The Zoya Factor, it’s a book that kept me holding on to it and I laughed, I cried (a little bit), I felt for the protagonist…. “Zoya” a young so-called independent woman working in an Ad Agency who was luckily or unluckily born at the exact same time when Indian Cricket Team won the world cup and along with that time came the luck that she could make any team win a match if she had food with them before the match 😉 funny and strange….

The book takes us through the time when she discovers this and how is dragged to Australia for the upcoming World Cup and how her personal and professional life goes through the ups and downs of this so-called “Zoya Factor”

The book balances itself with right amount of cricket, right amount of advertising and now cricket and advertising can’t be separated anyways right, right amount humor, right amount of romance and right amount of hindi… yes the novel can safely be called as a Hinglish novel, I loved the fact that the author was bold enough to go do that experiment, I mean most of the books are shunned away for using the local language and yes I agree to the fact that they also limit the readership of the book but Hinglish is what we speak these days and I personally think its a good idea to have a book or two coming out like this 🙂

The thing I didn’t like about the book though was the editing… I think it would have fared much better had a good editor looked at it once…

But on the whole a good book which probably announces the arrival of the “Hinglish DesiChicklit”

Rating 3.5/5

Book The Zoya Factor

Authors Anuja Chauhan

Price Rs 295/-

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PPS: I think if nothing atleast one of my resolution this year will come true… I have already finished 4 books in the last 20 days of Jan… yippe!!!