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So if I can ask for a bashing from u guys, I can ask for a pat on the back too na 🙂 🙂

Yeah its been 10 days and I have lost all the weight that I gained plus some more… yippe… i have really hard on it on the past 10 days…

workouts have been going on full swing and I am back to the sensibly dieting ways and the results are showing…

The numbers

Intial Weight : 94.3kg

Last update weight : 85.8 kg

Current weight : 84.0 kg

though I am happy that I shed a lot of weight during that the last ten days but actually my weight has been hovering around 84 for a very long time now… a little a little down and I want to break this now…

Some timeback I read about couch to 5K running plan at Broom’s blog, mighty excited about I signed up along with some bloggers for it and  started it too before xmas, completed week 1 but then came that stupid phase where I didnt do anything at all and forgot all about it…. but from today I am going to get back to it… broom u better watch out 😉