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The smallest, the easiest and yet one of the best one can do…. Plant a tree…

All the people living in a concrete jungle aka Indian metro’s will agree to me when I say the green cover is steadily decreasing, I personally think planting more trees can help a lot of problems that we are dealing with including Global Warming…

But yet very very few of us think about it, I wonder why sometimes… is it out of sheer laziness or have we become so greedy about the space? I live in a gated community (thankfully there is a lot of green around me but not me not digress) and we have left empty garden space on all four sides of our house…. no don’t start dreaming its a small place yet I have something which u can call a garden… so when we were chalking the plan of the house everyone almost everyone told us that why are we leaving WASTING so much space…. yeah that is what we have come to, leaving space for the garden around your house has become wasting it… when and how?

And I see that in a lot of houses in our colony too… there are house which don’t have any garden space and have built on the complete area… I understand that probably they don’t like but according me its the call of time to make a small garden mandatory in every independent house and in every apartment complex where individual owners can’t do much the builder should be forced to do it.

Ok enough lecture let me come back to the point for which this post was… I digress too much 😉

Even if u stay in an apartment where u don’t have any space to plant one tree yourself or you stay in a place where you can but never somehow did it… Now is your time… Join the “The Sapling Project”

A very very noble initiative… u can plant a sapling, sponsor one or do both… so what are u waiting for DO THE GOOD DEED NOW… GO REGISTER…… and fulfill your part in saving the world

PS: Pic courtesy the sapling project site

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