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yeah thats what Lohri is all about… a big bonfire, lots of til rewadi, moongfali, popcorn… a dhol and lots of dance… and ofcourse when everything becomes quiet sitting with your friends around the bonfire and chatting late into the night till the last amber is burning

I miss miss miss this festival… the happiness that floats around and the fun that is had… I am planning to go to the small celebration we are doing in the colony this evening… u guys have a happy lohri too

Leaving u with some snaps clicked on our first lohri after marriage… we celebrated that one in Delhi in full blast

and btw thats my grandpa putting the rewadi in the fire….

and thats me doing the kikili in the spirit of lohri with my cousin… my hands full with the lovely chooda…

and finally the relatively newly wed posing before the function began… gosh I was so thin

Sunder Mundriye Ho…. Happy Lohri