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A house in the middle of the hills with a love seat next to a french window which is overlooking the valley with twisted roads on one side and the other side a lovely backyard where I can grow my own veggies and can see snow clad mountains as far as the sight goes… where I can relax with a cup of tea in my front garden lined up with all the mountain flowers and in the evening take the walk up the waterfall that runs close by… so maya will u build me that?

Long Long ago I had read this review at Jai’s blog to sufficiently get interested in the book but somewhere along the road totally forgot about it, then I read Goofy write about it and I remembered that this was a book in to read list too and I hopped to the book store without any delay to buy it, yeah I am like that a little crazy 🙂 but then again kept it away for sometime… and I finally did pick it up sometime ago and I totally fell in love with it…

The story I am totally in love with “Mahabhrata” from the point of view of one the strongest women in the hindu mythology Drupadi, infact a epic from the point of the view of any women for that matter 🙂 I read the book like a maniac… reading it when I was eating, trying to sleep.. the only time I probably kept the book down was when Ojas shouted and screamed at my head for attention…. Simply loved the book

Infact I can safely say that this is the BEST BOOK I READ IN 2009

Incase u guys are wondering why did I start the post like that, its the answer to question Itchy asked here in her review of the book (Itchy I didnt comment then because I was reading the book then)

PS: Adding the review done by MadMomma which is closet to what I think just so much better 🙂