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Long back I chanced upon If God was a Banker by Ravi Subramaniam and that was a book I fell in love with… totally enjoyed reading it… it was a total fun read about Banking and the life in a bank

So when I saw Devil in Pinstripes in the book store I picked up immediately….Similar to the previous book this is also based in a bank (which we all know is Citi :D), the character too have a familiar feel about them specially Aditya

This book was fun read too but I found it too similar to If God was a banker in handling and stuff and really didnt enjoy as much as I enjoyed that, may it was just that the fact I have got too much of bank frauds but something in this book didnt appeal as much as the first one…I found the story also in the end a little wavering

What I liked about the book is how the past-present in weaved together…The main character Amit (well mostly its him) suddenly goes back to his past thinking about something and I really liked the way Ravi keeps the story glued inspite of the past-present. The book also teaches us lot of lessons in office politics…  🙂

My last verdict on this one is a good one time read…

Rating 2.5/5

Book Devil in Pinstripes

Authors Ravi Subramaniam

Price Rs 195/-