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I really don’t make resolutions… gave up on them ages ago when I realized that I all do is make them and break them in 24 hrs 🙂  but this time something inside me is telling no make them and challenge yourself to complete them too….

so here they are :

  • So I have lost 10 kgs but there is 15 more to go and that is the target this year… the next year eve I surely want to be in the weight I have been dreaming of God knows how long now… 69.9 kgs, when I reach that I would still be about 4 kgs overweight but I think I would settle for 15 this year and see what I want in the next year resolution
  • Read more – I read a mere 20 books this year and I dont like that… I want to read more and more and more so I am giving myself a target of 35 this year, a very achievable target if I want to
  • Start something of my own or get back to job : I have given myself quite sometime with the break and now I need to put my heart and soul into doing something constructive… Though I would really love to start something on my own the big problem is finances… anything I try to think of there is atleast an investment of about 10lacs and I dont have that kind of money but whatever it is I need to start doing something now……
  • The biggest goal we have set our self as a couple is to manage finances well… We were happily spending when we both were working…liked something buy it was the funda of life and if u dont have the cash… big deal swipe the card and convert to EMI’s till I lost my job and we realized… shit we are neck deep in EMI’s, so there is only one target this year close as many as loans as possible… we have already closed couple of them in the last year and by the end of this year we want to be left with only the home loan which we are giving ourselves 5 yrs to close
  • Learn to deal more patiently with Ojas… he has entered the trouble two’s a bang… they have arrived and he drives me crazy… I was very patient with him always but the last month or so,I have seen losing my temper more than I should have, though he hasn’t really (as of yet) got a slap from me but I dont like the way I am shouting these days… I need to be more patient with him…
  • Get my messy house in order no I mean seriously I think I have made Ojas a good excuse to get away with the messiness… Its NOT DIRTY but its messy all the time and I want to change it this year… I want to have in order house this year…

So what are your resolutions and whats your track record on them? dump them or fulfill them?