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PS: spoiler ahead, if u havent see Paa yet u might want to skip the post, it does divulge a lot of info 🙂

Just one, just one would do… Ideally one in every state but its ok to start with one in he whole country will do…

U guys do know who I am talking about right? I am talking about the dynamic young aspiring politician ready to take the world of corruption and dirty politics head on potrayed by Abhishek Bachan in Paa

What a character… A character in a hindi movie I fell in love with, A character I am desperately wanting to see become real, A character that our nation desperately needs

A character who has the means to go study Political Science in swanky foreign university but wants to come back to India to change the political system

A character who doesnt hesitate to tell his girl friend that we BOTH need to focus on our career right now and the baby can come later & no I didnt find anything wrong in that.

A character who when becomes a MP ACTUALLY works hard for the people

An MP who thinks out of the box and gives the award for the vision of India to a white globe 🙂

A MP who has the guts to do sting operation live on TV initially calling it his confession, he could have been written off even before the program began

A MP who finds time to actually fulfill the wish of a child suffering from a very very rare illness

A MP who when comes face to face with his child he didnt know comes boldly on the TV and says “I should have used a condom”

A MP who goes further and admits publicly that its his child…

I was blown away by the character, one such politician can probably help change the face of nation… atleast start the change

Also Paa helped me look at the dyansty issue in politics from a very different angle…

Amol Arte in the movie was the son of a well known and established politician, now think of any normal person who has no connection in the political world but has the same zest, same will power, same strength… infact for a moment lets forger Arte in Anmol Arte… how many of you think he did have the chances of becoming an MP at the age that is shown in the movie?

May be 10 years later he would have… but think about whaat would have happened in those 10 years… his josh, his youth would have died, he would probably have at some point have to succumb to the corruption to rise as he doesnt have the backing to do otherwise.

Does anyone of you remember Lok Paritran… a political part formed my ex-IITians… a brilliant idea which didnt really take off, now imagine one of them having some political lineage, do u think it would have made a difference?

I do agree that lineage gives an undue advantage but if we have someone like Amol Arte coming out of it do we mind? I dont what about you?

So here is my xmas wish to God… Give us on Amol Arte please….