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I finished reading My sisters Keeper quite sometime back and have been wanting to do this review forever but somehow was not able to get to it. I was not able to put my thoughts together for this one.

Its surely a book that was very good but not sure that I can say it was a book I loved… A book that dealt with a very sensitive subject in a very sensitive way…A very very strong book, infact I think its one of the strongest book I have read in a very long time. It moves you from within…. Its a very sad book probably that is the reason I am not able to say its a book I love 😦 there were times when I just kept the book in the side to cry or to think

Its a book about a family who is torn between death and reality… What happens when a happy couple Sara and Brain with two lovely children suddenly comes to know that their younger one “Kate” has a very rare form of leukemia, apart from being devastated they decide to bring in another life in this world to save the existing one. A designer baby people ask but for them its just about saving their daughter… And this brings in “Anna” to the world…

A child brought into the world to be her sister’s keeper… how does she feel all through… The book deals with multiple dimensions of the issue – Anna’s side who keeps doing whatever she is told to till she gives up one day and walks into a lawyer’s office to file a law suit against her parents…. Kate’s Side who doesnt know how long will she live and when she’ll have to rush to the hospital again and ofcourse the parents side who really only want the best for all their children… how the eldest one becomes hostile and the destroyer because he cant be the keeper.

Being a parent myself today I shudder ( infact I cant even imagine to think and pray to God that no one ever comes in this situation) at the thought… What would I have done? Would I have let go of the child? Its not a easy situation I know as a parent we want to do everything that we can to prevent our child from the smallest damage and then this is death but would one put another child in danger to save one? I really dont know… Probably Sara was the only character I really couldnt identify with in the book

But on the whole a very strong, brilliant but a heartwrenching book, I think a must read for everyone

Rating 4/5 *

Book My sister’s Keeper

Authors Judi Picoult

Price Rs 295/-

*interestingly when I finished this book I gave it a rating of 5 at goodreads but now I really dont feel like giving more than 4, may be I have anlaysed the  book too much