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In this world which is fast becoming a concrete jungle I consider myself very very lucky that I have a place where I can manage a garden… some flowers that I showed u here (I have some more snaps of them, coming up soon) and to top it all my all time dream to experiment with organic farming ok well no farming… making a organic backyard is coming true…

Lately I have been growing a lot of stuff in my small kitchen garden and now I am going to do what comes best to a blogger… he he show off the pics here… πŸ˜€ so let me take you for a virtual tour of my backyard…

karela aka bitter gourd

anar… i also had a papaya tree which died 😦

chillies… and these ones are really fiery ones… N had gone to a friends house in kerala and bought the seeds from there, apparently these are kerala special chillies… little tangy very hot

the normal chillies

ginger…. i love the smell of the leaves and ofcourse the end product

and this is some fresh ginger… plucked minutes ago πŸ™‚


my plants in a row!!!


ajwain plant……..

care for some lady finger…

and what makes me most happy is the fact that I grow them organically… I make compost at home using kitchen waste and Daily Dump, a very easy home composting unit… and for insects I use neem, haldi and u know even cucumber peel help….

Its not a easy job but when after all this hardwork u eat what u grow the taste is out of the world……..

PS: coming up soon are my tomatoes, brinjals, brinjal, cucumber and pumpkin πŸ˜€

and yes if u are wondering about the title this is my first step towards my ultimate dream in life… step up a organic farm………..