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I finally finished reading Eat Pray Love, I was initially wary of picking up this book simply because I hate books that are preachy…

But then D recommend this one to me and I thought ok let me give it a try and frankly I happy that I did because the book has some brilliant moments…

I love the Italy part and kept dreaming about the pastas and the pizzas and the gelatos all through πŸ™‚ and the way she has described the pizza she eats in Naples I could almost taste it…

For me the the most difficult and the boring part in the book was the India part, the philosophy way too heavy and I kind of skipped through quite a lot of it… It might be appealing to someone who is intersted in spirituality of that kind but was not for me.. I believe in being spiritual in the very world you are living in… and I guess that is why the balance in Bali appealed to me so much

The best part of the book according to me was the final part in Bali…how truly beautiful… My craving to go visit Bali has increased even more…

My final verdict on the book : a good one time read

Rating 3/5

Book Eat Pray Love

Authors Elizabeth Gilbert

Price Rs 350/-

PS: and did I tell u that this post of mine has been picked up by Blogadda in their Spicy Saturdays πŸ™‚ yippe time to celebrate!!!