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A lot has been going on in life but the will to blog seems to be missing offlate.. I think I have hit the biggest writer naah I am no writer the biggest blogger’s block.

I just dont feel like writing anything infact I dont even feel like reading the blogs, havent opened my reader in daaaays… So till the urge to say comes back strongly I am going to sit back and hope it returns soon… may be this post is the starting for that

weight loss effort are going nowhere at all… Its been 2 weeks I am back from vacation home and I have been doing nothing at all… no workouts… no diets… gosh how difficult it is to leave the inertia and come back to it… I have put a kg but I am sure that is not a big deal if I get back to it but I am not doing anything about it… High I do something… I just keep postponing it… from tmrw ok day after.. after this event or the other 😦 But I think its high time I am going to get back to it from tmrw for sure πŸ™‚

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday and went to the Zuri for dinner… and the food there was awesome, the service great but I think the decor could have been a tad better…Now that we are talking of 5-stars we went to Vivanta by Taj some days back for a quick late night meal and what a pleasure that was… ofcourse it was expensive as it is expected to be… but the food..the ambiance.. the service.. brilliant… N ordered a prawn biryani and it was the yummiest I have ever had….

So whats been happening in your life? Will be back soon hopefully with a real post πŸ™‚