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both the book and in reality πŸ˜€

I recently read Chetan Bhagat’s 2 states, frankly I am not a his fan apart from his Five Point Somehow I haven’t really liked any book of his and I think five point someone was also good because it was a refreshing change coming out of India on life in Indian university, but I have read all of them may be because the pricing is so right… 95 bucks doesnt really matter if u dont like the book does it πŸ˜€

img_book_4_2So when 2 states was released I picked it up and specially because the plot seems so close to my real life πŸ˜‰ and I must say this is probably his best book… Its not a literary masterpiece but then I dont think he even attempts to make one…

There is a fresh feel to the book which I think is very important for any writer because the last two of his books almost felt like the previous ones but the freshness is back here…

The humor in the book is brilliant ofcourse he has over done a little at times but probably that is needed to bring the masala in…

Its a topic on which enough movies have been made and enough books written yet Bhagat’s novel’s brings in some novelty to it and the way he has brought out the characteristics of both the communities is just wow!!!

There were so many times when I was laughing out aloud and nodding my head πŸ˜‰ the loud boisterous punju’s and the always pretending to be intellectual tams πŸ˜€ and the climax the last 50 pages of the book… they are the best and frankly that is so rare because most of the time the writer is confused at the climax… ofcourse its the usual marriage boy meets girl but the way its done… if u have ever been to a cross cultural marriage u will know it!!! It could almost recall my wedding when my relatives were complaining what a boring set of people sitting quietly and doing pooja and N’s relative were shocked when all we needed is a DJ and drinks

All in all I think its worth a read specially at Rs. 95….I finished in about 4 hrs flat…

And I am delhi and a all of us having a blast…This was Ojas’s first flight with a single parent infact this is his first trip with single parent… I was scared as hell damn its so difficult to make him sit for 2.5 mins forget about 2.5 hours πŸ˜‰ but the kingfisher air hostess were darlings and their inflight entertainments Pingu show a boon πŸ˜€ the flight was a breeze

One incident that happened on the flight

There was a girl of almost the same age as Ojas and she was crying a lot in the flight, some 2 times Ojas said baby crying and I told him dont worry she will be fine and then he suddenly got down from my lap walked upto the girl and said “What happened baby no cry” and gave her a kiss… πŸ˜‰

and did I tell u there is nothing better than ma ke haath ka khaana πŸ˜€

So whats up with u guys?