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PS: long post warning

What do u think of customer service in India? In these times of call centers and support offices I am sure all of us have experienced and yes to some extent cribbed about the same too

In the past sometime however what I have experienced has taken my irritation to a different level

It all started when about a month or so ago my laptop started giving me some battery issues and we logged a complaint and waited for the engineer to arrive and diagnose the problem, 1 week passed and nothing really happened… and then one day the adapter fully gave up and we had to pull some strings in Wipro to get the service engineer visit home in next 2 days… Can u beat that and then we he came…he informed me that both the battery and adapter need to be changed and he will send me the quote within an hour, however 3 days passed and no quote arrived and we had to again pull some strings for the quote to arrive and once it arrive their started another debate how long will it takes the spares to be delivered… once again some strings had to be pulled and it was promised that it will be delivered in 2 days and I would have been very happy when they delivered it in 4 days if only the right parts were delivered… 😦 and it took me so much of effort and time to get the right parts again

And if u think thats worst wait till u hear the story refrigerator… I have a samsung refrigerator which is not working for the past 20 days now… and please dont ask me how I am surviving without one for 20 days 😦 that too with festive and party season around..

a little more than 25 days ago I noticed that my fridge is not cooling as effectively, I blamed it on the hot weather and increased the power and when one day I found milk spoiled even after that I knew that there is something wrong. I logged a complaint with them exactly 22 days before and a service representative visited me after 2 days (though I have a problem with that too, incase of necessitates like fridge they should be visiting in 1 day but lets move further we will have enough to crib about) and he said that a sensor was moved and I have fixed it now and it will work… and merel 6 hours after he was gone I found it in the same situation

I called the service center again and after endless wait and that stupid hold music I logged another complaint and the service guy came after 3 days telling me the part is not in the stock… and after waiting for another 2 days the part was recvied a heafty money paid and in my mind the fridge repaired but alas it was in my mind only… next day morning when I woke the fridge was not working again 😦

And hence started yet another round of calling the customer service and one more call was logged… again the service guy came after 2 days (now when the same person is logging a call third time and has also insisted that its a urgent and a escalation they still took 2 days to come to the residence wow hats off) and guess what he calmly tells me sorry madam I cant figure out what the problem is and I will send a senior engineer for the same and promised me that the person will visit me the same day evening…

However when the same day evening became next day evening and there was no sign of any senior engineer or call from anyone I sighed and called the service center again and this time I insisted on speaking to the manager and when I am clearly telling (read shouting) that this is an escalation they have the audacity to tell me that he is busy and when I told them that no I am not putting the phone down without speaking to the manager I was put on hold for 8 mins and 10 secs and again told that the manager is busy… I shouted once again this time threatening them to go to consumer court and the manager became free in 1 sec… and promised me that the engineer will visit my home tomorrow morning itself… however the tomorrow morning happened after 3 days and 6 calls

And man he told me that I was informed of this call only today… only today morning did the previous good for nothing engineer told me that this call is still open? Dont they have a proper tracking mechanism and whatever happened to my 7 calls that I made to the service center in each one of which they had told me that the appointment for today has been fixed and he will come morning/evening depending upon what time I called…

And what he told me next takes the cake… he said oh there is a heater problem if the previous guy would have restarted (windows this too??????) the fridge he would have known… WTF????????????? and he told me to just restart it every 6 hours once and dont worry about it?????????????? I am speechless and dont know what to do?

Its been 5 days since he visited and there is no news of the part yet again 😦 and my fridge is not working still….

I am fed up of calling the engineer who asks me to call his supervisor who never picks up the call and when I call back the engineer and tell him… he says ya he will pick up the calls only after 2 in the afternoon… wow and then when i call after 2 he still doesnt pick up??? the service center refuses to act on it and I really dont know what to do…

With this state of customer service in India do we plan to become a super power?