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6 years back when I landed in Bangalore, the first thing that stuck me was wow what weather!!! The first weeks were spent totally and only enjoying the lovely weather… the long strolls on MG Road with nice breeze and slight drizzle…. what a romantic place to be in… And coming from Delhi which is either very cold or very hot it felt like a boon, a heaven…

Anyone who was experienced Bangalore will be smiling and nodding right now I know it guys 🙂

But alas all this is slowly becoming a thing of the past, the summers (which were hardly existent before) are getting longer and hotter to the extent that people have seriously started buying AC’s and no I am not talking about the show off people….

The rains which used to be a 10 month affair in Bangalore have hardly happened this year… this is the first time in past 6 years that I have actually become happy about and made pakoras for rain… It pains for me to see my city change like this….

But alas we are the reason for this, the green cover of Bangalore has gone down by 30% in the last year however the concrete jungle has increased in density by 100% I think and I am sure its the same story of many cities all across the world…

This year the topic of the Blog Action Day is climate change though I agree with the fact that the decision will be taken by the bigger world leaders and its the industries who are doing the most harm but I also believe in the fact that change begins with self and if everyone does their bit I somehow think and believe that the pressure will get to the leadership too… if the leaders are not driving this then lets get our leaders to drive by taking action!!! creating awareness…

According to me some very small steps that can go a long way

  • Switch to CFL in the house
  • Keep ur tires correctly pumped up with air
  • Remove the things u don’t require from the car, even a car seat can bring down the mileage
  • The best is use the car only when required…think of one car/person where will the world go to… Car pool or use public transport
  • Recycle Recycle Recycle
  • Avoid using plastic I know it cant be fully possible to eliminate, it makes me sad to say that but thats a truth… I am proud of Delhi which has banned the use of plastic bags… And I am so proud to tell that my neighborhood sabzi walla has also become sensitive and put up a board in his shop saying please bring ur own bag… avoid plastic save earth after the chat I had with him

I end by the quote from Green Peace also used by Sols but there cant be a better way to end it!!!

“When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, and the last fish dead, we will discover that we can’t eat money…” –Greenpeace

PS: my entry for the 08 Blog Action day

PPS: I have been busy with the festivities and hosting parties will be back to replying all ur comments soooooooooon