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Remember the serial… Hum Paanch and the character of Auntie mat kaho na… When I used to see her I used to wonder how will I react when people call me auntie… A few incidents here and there happened long back which I choose to ignore and shurg away thinking of these idiot kids dont even know who who is auntie and who is didi but then I got married….

And the status turned to Auntie for lot of kids instantly and with the birth of Ojas I have turned a universal auntie… πŸ™‚ the other day we went to the birthday party of a 17-yr old girl and all the girls including her were calling me auntie… frankly speaking it did feel a little weird, I have become used to kids calling auntie but a 17-yr old he he

But you know what I am happy about… the girls were really happy to talk to me ;-), I danced away to glory with them and when I would come down the floor for a break… one of them would really come back to get me… It took me back to the time when I was in teenage and used to get really impressed with some 30+ aunties and used to think so they are so cool… the cool moms…. he he

And yesterday when we attended my niece’s birthday party the same happened… I was surrounded by the group of 10-12 yr old girls… playing with them… getting tattos with them…. and they insisted that I even sit and eat with them…. makes me really happy…

What if I am auntie… I am smart auntie atleast πŸ˜‰ This is what I had always thought… and now I hope the next step to that too comes true…. 10 yrs from now I want to be one of those smarter aunties… with salt-and-pepper hair, crisp cotton and tussar sarees with temple borders and geometric designs… accessorized with lots of silver and lots of beads and some chunky kadas to add to… what say people? Will I look good πŸ˜‰

Some snaps of the tattoo that the family did πŸ˜€

super feminine actually so not me, but I still love it………


N’s supposedly masculine


and the super cute car for my super cute son


and did I tell ya Ojas loved and rocked the drums :D… I have a rock star for a son I tell u