I love dancing and its like therapy to me……..and I had almost forgotten it…. Seriously, sounds funny… basically its after ages I hit the dance floor yesterday…

Before Ojas happened me and N were regular in the pub/discs scene and used to catch up on dancing atleast once a month if not more… We even took classes in Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Jazz, Rock-n-Roll, Rumba and used to dance very often to it even at home, heck we even have a certificate for these dances πŸ™‚

And then I conceived and all these were forgotten 😦

Yesterday we were invited to a friends daughter’s birthday party and what a rocking time we had… I danced and danced like nobody’s watching seriously… its fun on the dance floor if u let ur inhibitions out and being a panju I think it comes naturally to me he he

With this a therapy a passion is revived, we practiced our Salsa at home today and we both have promised each other to get back to once a month hitting the pub routine soon enough

Life is all about living passions isnt it

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