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Its that time of the year when one has to run helter selkter to get your kid into school… Me and N have both been discussing it for sometime now and thankfully we have finally come to conclusion that we are sending Ojas to a Montessori till he is 6 and then with 1st he will be going to a school.

This way we also push the discussion between conventional schools/the new age schools some more time… I know its a risk but its a risk we are ready to take after reading up about the Montessori system.

According me the formative years i.e 2-6 are the most important years and its extremely important to be in a good place at this time.

So for us the hunt to a good Montessori has begun, the only -ve point here is that I am not able to find a good one near our house…

So all you guys any suggestions for good Montessori near Marthahalli/ORR/brookefields area? Please mail me or let me know in the comment section…

Even if you know anything is Kormangala/Indira Nagar would be fine because that is our second preference

PS: I met up with lovely girls on Friday…. Iya, Swati, Puja and Pixie… and what a blast was had…

Go read here, here and here about the meet… And anyone who laughs on my pic in Swati’s post… u are banned here πŸ˜€ Girls I love u…. we bloggers rock