Initial Weight : 94.3 kgs

Last Update Weight : 87.45 kgs

This Update Weight : 86.00 kgs

2 weeks weightloss : 1.4 kgs

Total Weightloss : 8.3 kgs

Now though 8.3 kgs in 8 weeks is not really bad, its actually good… who am I am kidding I am flying in air right now… πŸ™‚ I am happy that I have still managed to lose this weight in the last 2 weeks though if u see for only two weeks probably its not exceptionally well but its not bad either… Considering all I have been doing in the last two weeks is holiday. The trip to the village, a wedding, a friends birthday to attend, a picnicΒ  with cousins… But for the first time in my life I have been eating sensibly when I am going out, eat as much as salad as I can, cut down on fast carbs like rice and maida etc, avoid desserts as much as possible, I think that is what has helped.

The thingΒ  that I am most happy about is that I have dropped a size and about 3 inches from the waist… Time to dance Yippy!!! and I feel so much more fitter, the regular every 3 days falling sick has surely gone down… TOUCHWOOD… Plus people have started noticing and commenting on it… The first time u get that comment from some one its heavenly… U feel as if all your hardwork is paying

So in the last update I had asked you guys what to do because of the Gym problem… so this is what I am doing these days :

For Cardio

30-45 min walk and 30 mins of cardio in the gym on alternate days

And then I have started XBX since 3 days and so far its been good…hoping it works out for me

1 day of the week I also do some weights in the gym

And what do I eat

Morning – Lukewarm water + drop of honeyΒ  + 1/2 lemon – currently I have one glass trying to make it two

Breakfast – 4 slice bread sandwich / 3 moong dal chilas / 2- 3 egg white omelet + 1 bread slice / 1 Big Bowl porridge (daliya) + tea either before breakfast or along with it (oh yes I eat a lot in the breakfast but I think this is the most important meal of the day and how much ever I try I dont think I can explain its importance… all my life I have ignored this meal of the day and now I repent so trying to correct that )

Mid Meal – usually fruit sometimes a small bowl of sprouts

Lunch – 2 rotis + sabzi + curd (sometimes dal sometimes not) + salad / 2 moong dal chillas + salad + sabzi / 2-3 pieces of chicken/fish + salad + sabzi / big bowl of Cracked wheat khichdi + bowl of curd

Evening tea – a cup of tea + marie biscuits

Evening around 6 – fruit again

Dinner around 7:30 pm – 2 rotis + sabzi + salad / 2 pieces of chicken/fish + salad

and if the dinner gets late due to anything beyond 8 pm I skip the rotis and add a fruit instead.

I also have a cup of hot green tea after every meal and anytime if I feel hungry inbetween the meals I have a fruit or marie biscuits… I make sure I dont keep myself hungry for more than half an hour because if you do that what u eat directly converts into fat instead of getting absorbed by the body.

Its been 8 weeks and this is going good and I am so glad I went to my DC…. and I really thank the friend who recommend her…Gosh I hope this just keeps going…

PS: and So the verdict is out… I am making Ojas blog a restricted access blog… so go give me a roll-call of wants to be a reader there πŸ˜‰ and swaram yes u will have to offer me a bribe

PPS: Anyone know how can I allow non-WP users to access a restricted blog in WP?