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Hey don’t go away…. the tittle seems strange haan? Its most lovely…

What happens when u get showered with a little “White Rain” and then get dusted by Pixie Dust… blessed in Dusty Rain πŸ˜€

If you have still not guessed what this post is all about, I met two lovely ladies from the blogsphere recently… the lovely Iya and the kiddie Pixie… man what a blast I had…

Crafty has requested to fill her specially designed FAQ for these meetings πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and how can I say no my darling crafty… so here it is

some common questions

Are you comfortable meeting up with blog friends who you know only virtually?

Oh yes I have met many of them, but it also depends on who they are… If I have interacted with them enough and I think I have wavelength match then why not? I remember the first blogger I met were Chandu and Abha, I must admit that I was a little apprehensive in my mind that how will it go when I was driving to the venue but when we met we rocked

Meeting with Iya

Date: Aug 26, 2009
Time: 6:00 pm
Venue: CCD, ORR

How was it, meeting for the first time?

Super…frankly it didnt feel like the first time at all, I felt I am meeting my long last friend… the way we hugged, the way we dashed right into conversation, chit chat… jeez it almost felt like being a college girl again πŸ˜€

How does she look?

Now this I knew before na… seen her snaps and she seen mine πŸ˜€ but she looked even gorgeous then she looked in the snaps and NO U DONT NEED TO LOSE ANY WEIGHT:P

What did you guys talk about?

Just about everything under the sun… crushes, parties, drinking, sisters, husbands, shopping and food and ya ofcourse blogging πŸ˜€

Were there any embarrassments or awkward silences?

Naaah whats that

How was farewell?

He he this is the funny part… we started chatting and kept going on and on on… we forgot to order till the server reminded and once that was done we started again and then suddenly Iya chanced to have glanced her watch and it was 2 hours since we around 8 pm… gosh!!! We hurriedly paid the bill thinking we should be going and went on… and guess what? Stood on the road and chated for 10 mins again πŸ˜€ and the whole way while driving back I was thinking about the meeting… how sweet it was…

Was this meeting like you expected it to be?

Oh yes without fail and much more, we have even planned a drinking get together at home with the men something all four of us are guaranteed to enjoy πŸ˜€

How would you sum up this rendezvous?

A beginning of the new chapter in the friendship book

Read her account of the meeting here and dear sorry I am reaaaaly late in blogging about this.

Meeting with Pixie

Date: Sep 5, 2009
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: Forum Mall

How was it, meeting for the first time?

Technically this was not the first time I had met her… I had met her sometime back when we organized a surprise baby shower for Banglore-Mom, I was not reading her then and neither was she reading me…We met said hello to each other, came back frantically started searching for each other’s blog πŸ˜€

This time around it was totally different… no posts are missed (ok ok may be I did some :() , the comment sections are spammed and when I met her in a place full of people (actually it was a mela in Forum… who says there is recession????) it was a good feeling

How does she look?

Hey I told u had met her before πŸ˜€

What did you guys talk about?

Ok again Just about everything under the sun… the gold nail polish… the inlaws, babies :D, blog-samaj, food etc etc etc… The common thing that we discussed in both the meetings… guess guess.. Anon vs name blogging he he πŸ˜€

Were there any embarrassments or awkward silences?

Not at all… I guess when we interact with bloggers so much then we already know a lot about them so silences naah

How was farewell?

quick… SIL had to pick me up as we were supposed to be off to a family dinner… so when she called that she is almost there… we quickly grabbed our bags… hugs were exchanged and by’s said… and barely 2 mins had passed when I got a sms from here saying that how sweet it was and we should do this often… just what I was thinking πŸ˜€

Was this meeting like you expected it to be?

Yes yes and yes, may be a little shorter than I thought it would be but fun a lot of fun

How would you sum up this rendezvous?

A lovely conversation which would surely take the friendship to the next level.. Pixie not out with ur version I am dying to read it…

Girls… I had fun meeting u guys… hugs!!!

Coming Up Next : totally inspired by Pixie herself… coming up next… Back to Roots… some pics from the trip we did to N’s village

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