India is a country where we say “Athithi Devo Bhavah” meaning Guest is as good as God. But don’ you think this God should have some rules to abide by… I have been having a lot of guests in the past sometime and have something to say to my Devo’s…
  • It would be a good idea if you can inform that you are coming specially if you intend to stay for some days and its not just for my conveience, its for yours too. I too go out sometimes and I am not sure would you like to wait outside the house
  • I understand that there might be cultural differences between me and you and you might get surprised by seeing the way I am dressed at home and its ok for u to get surprised  but ITS NOT OK for you to look at me top to bottom and bottom to top 3 times.
  • Yes I agree I have married a south Indian but that doesnt mean I can wipe out 27 years of existence and habits. I am still a roti eater and probably will be like that all my life.  Please dont make faces when you see that.
  • What we are doing with our finances, how much we earn or why currently its only person is earning and how are we managing our EMI’s is none of your business. Unless we ask you for money I don’t think you have anything to do with any of these things
  • Yes my son speaks more or less in English because that is the langauge that is spoken in our house the most. I would be happy to see him speaking in Telugu as well as Punjabi but the world is not ended yet, he is not even 2… He has ample time to learn all this, so please keep your judgement about the fact that I am bad parent to yourself.
  • Its not ok for you to treat my live-in help who is basically my child’s nanny as your personal servant and its not ok for you to expect my servant to wash your under-garments
  • And last but not the least its CERTAINLY NOT OK for you to tell me that I am very fat and I should not have sweets and then when I try and follow my diet ridicule that by calling it tanturms

PS: Sorry guys to u all, I have been running mad and not read any of the blogs recently will do it soon….