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Doesnt it make us all curious, apart from the regular readers that we have what brings one to our blog? In short what search will result in my url?

Google and various other searches are a boon but at the same time they are hilarious too… Lot of us have already done this…. and now that I have spent sufficient time on WP to make use of the brilliant feature it provides, here are some of the brilliant searches that landed on my blog.

  • love story getting drenched in rain
  • recession is brilliant if u ask me (gosh this is the worst that could have happened, someone who is been hit by recession and this on their blog :()
  • cause i am here everybody seems everebody thinks i am fine (can anyone make any sense of this sentence)
  • what does xy mean in an email? (???)
  • pink ladoo movie (what????????)
  • marwadi bhayya (ha ha ha)
  • devi rain (which devi are they talking about me haan :))
  • swaram (wah wah see swaram I am making u famous πŸ˜€ )
  • a reason for being late that starts with w (I am sure the ABC tag was being done)
  • does bobby darling have aids (this takes the cake, how am I supposed to know???)
  • women melted chocolate (man this is too much)
  • heidi hassan tagged (who is that anyways)

Some on Ojas’s blog

  • dad cooking messy (ha ha ha do I need to say anything)
  • painting our darling
  • i want ask u something darling (to ojas???)
  • college of medicine abha (clue less, abha do u have any clue about this πŸ˜‰ )
  • how to tell a rabbit no when he bites ( I thought I wrote a blog about ojas not about rabbits)
  • what it means when a man kiss ur fourhead ur neck ur hand ect (this truly takes the cake, I mean this search leading to a baby blog gosh)

on the travel blog

  • mettur aunties (ROFL)
  • slope architecture (what does that mean anyways)
  • number of doors in mettur (whats the fixation with mettur and the number of doors there???)
  • snake jungle (someone tell them I hate snakes)

Don’t miss the hilarious spellings in some case πŸ™‚

And go share what funny and amusing searches landed at your blog