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Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival I have started to love though its a festival we never celebrated at our house. My association with the Elephant God started after getting married.

Mil used to keep ganesha at home but past 4 years it was always like yes Ganesha is there, morning u say a few prayers eat some sweets the mil made and evening come back home and the Ganesha will be gone as she would have done the visargan the same day.

This time though because I was at home we decided to do it properly and the Ganapati handover to me officially happened πŸ™‚


my small ganpati at home, kept at height to save from Ojas as Abha says even God need protection from kids, I was so particular I wanted a Ganesha which had no paint on it and wanted the same gauri too, though I got the Ganesha but still didnt the Gauri like that inspite of searching for 5 hours and 15 shops in Bangalore.

With the diya lighted


5 days were spent in absolute joy, making various delicacies, til ladoos, the traditional rice and coconut filling modaks, motichor ladoos, pyasam, puran poli, sooji ka halwa, milk modak, malupua and then because we had run out of ideas I started innovating and made Apple-Cocunut Kheer, Rasgulla Kheer (simpler form of rasmalai)

Today evening I bid Ganpati Bappa goodbye today with a heavy heart and there were bucket full of tears while doing it, if u are thinking they were mine… naah they were Ojas he simply refused to let the elephant God go… “ganesha keep home” was repeated over and over again and after they were gone “Ganesha bring” happened for a loooong time. So there he learnt his first lesson in life. Goodbyes are always difficult.

Some pics of the colony Ganesha procession before visargan