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F is for Flute


I love flute as an instrument, it has a capability of churning out the most melodious and soothing music on one side and going to a really sexy beat on the other.

Its also a instrument associated with Lord Krishna.

A relaxing calm spiritual flute

The magic Pandit Hari Prasad Chuarisia creates with flute is amazing, I always get so much peace when I hear him, see the following video to belive it, the magic between tabla and flute is amazing

And who can forget the famous Hero number with the flute.

And then there is one more song, which was very popular number in the pubs about 2 years back and had a fantastic flute tune. Ok u guys which one was it?

F is also most definitely for Farida Khanum. I adore her voice.The way she has sung Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na karo… I can hear it over and over again

Another one of hers I truly love

PS: I still have top reply to the comments of the last 2 days, will do it soooon