Actually 5.5 πŸ™‚ Yes I didnt do a post last week, it was not missed rather I have decided to do it alternate week and I eventually want to move to once a month and then hopefully stop too because the target having being met πŸ˜€ when will that happen is a different story all together

Intial Weight : 94.3 kgs

Last Update Weight : 89.25 kgs

This Update Weight : 87.45 kgs

2 weeks weightloss : 1.8 kgs

Total Weighloss : 6.9 kgs

Also there is a 2-inch loss at the waist and 1-inch overall and that is making me super happy πŸ™‚

Though I am happy with the total weightloss I am not really happy with the last two weeks, its less than a kg/week. There were various reasons though:

1. My birthday where I ODed on food

2. Ganesh chaturtathi I controlled myself hard and had almost zero sweets, I am actually impressed with myself. I am making sweets two times a day for the ganesha prasadam but only eat them as prasad just a pinch each time

3. I think this is the biggest no gymming for 1 week because I slipped on stairs and hurt my back and twisted my ankle.

I am actually that this whole thing is working out for me, touchwood. And if I think of reasons its the people around me, my DC and instructor. She Both of understood me well… they push me enough but dont try to be too controlling of me. I hate anyone who tries to use authority with me even if its for my own good, yes I am stubborn that way and now I am worried because I am planning to work out in my colony gym and I hate the instructor there.

I am thinking may be I will go do the basic cardio there and then start doing the XBX at home and that is where I need input from you guys, anyone of u done it? I know sraikh and goofy u have done it. Any tips you would like to share?

Or another exercises that you think I can do myself at home or in the gym to keep the weight loss going?