The kind of love one can get from the blog sphere of the blog-samaj is unimaginable. I was surely expecting some good words when when I did the last post announcing my completion of 300 posts and asking your valuable words, but what I was not prepared was such a heartwarming response. Your comments touched me, made me so happy that I had tears of happiness in my eyes…

Guys u rock!!! and the honest me in the tittle read on to know most of u seem to think I am very honest which is really so good to know…

Thank u guys hugs and muah…

Poppy says –

“Your bindaas style of writing posts, the way you write about everything and anything under the sun! Although I started out hanging at the ojas blog, I find myself drawn here more often these days !

Congratulations, and yes it’s great knowing you!”

Puneet says (and no I am not linking Vandana’s blog here 😀 )

“300 posts whats the big deal….
well this is an achievement which shows the perseverance,enthu and enjoyment in a task. If I can relate this milestone to hitting a triple century in cricketing terms(hitchy dont be too critical here ..this is just too boost Monika) than you can understand its worth with the fact that even great batman of Sachin Tendulkar calibre has not hit a single one in so many years. Reaching this in 3 years in spite of being completely away from blogs for almost 8-9 months due to maternity, speaks your urge /impulsion/crave itself. You have so much to say to the world, I would have made you an official spokesperson of my political party if I ever start one. Surely there will be 99% quota for women in that :-)

On your posts, hmmm well…you write something sensible sometimes :-) atleast.. Were you expecting some kind of praise from me ..I don’t think so :-) …but one thing I can say safely If someone wants to know about you (s)he mustn’t try too much, should just read your posts only, They are true reflections of your being….persona…

Knowing you personally does not give any edge(for black mailing ofcourse) over some one know you blogaally :-) keep it up”

My namesake Monika says

“I love your honesty Monika & feel a genuine warmth here. Also, u r a fun person & that relects in your interests. And now that I think we are friends, I can’t think of missing a single post of yours.

Congrats on the 300th. Keep going.”

Pixie with her angelic dust says

“Happy 300th post my dear! :)

I enjoy your writing. simple… that made me come back to your blog to read more!

Though now, I come more for you and to spam your comments section!!
*evil laughter*

I remember de-lurking on the monthly marathon you were trying out – 1 post per day (i think)
And since I had met you once, I found that you were quite put together and articulate and intelligent, though we didn’t interact too much that day :)

Your writing reflected all of that. It also showed you as a warm friendly soul always ready to jump into any dance form on any blog in our precious samaj!! :) :)

Talking to you has shown me that you are indeed all of that and more! :)
You have a naughty side well!! :P
I completely adore Ojas and love reading about him at your other blog!
Though this is where I love to comment and pull your leg and spam!!! :D :D


Keep ‘em coming!! :D
the posts I mean! ;)

Prats says

“Well what I like about this blog…Interesting question and I have multiple reasons.
You won’t believe, I was talking to a friend and was telling her how I admired this blog and this what I said-

“I love reading Monika’s blog, not because of the literature but because of the personality. The blog when written communicates to you directly and reading for some time you know the face of the blog is one which cares and genuinely does so for its readers. This kind of genuineness is actually missing in lot bloggers who might have fan followings in millions and should never be ignored, cause it is so rare.”

Well so for now I would just quote myself (Narcissist I am) so keep writing….”

IHM says

“But first, CONGRATULATIONS on your 300th post!

And on completing three years in the blogosphere :)
Okay so I got to know you around an year ago… in August 2008 (just checked). I like your blog because I like your views, I think you are a fun, and it shows in your blog posts… but you are also sensitive, and caring. And yet bold and independent. You love life, and you believe in Live and let live and you also have guts and josh to fight when required, loved your posts during th PCC. Particularly loved a comment of your where you have written you seriously considered adopting a baby :)
Love your travelblog and the life of your darling Prince … I enjoy reading about the handsome Prince Ojas :) Will be back with more…”

Hitchy aka dhiru bhai says

“Why do I come here.. ?

first and foremost reason Its you Monu my friend !!!!!!!!!!! :)

I dont have any reasons when i try to think of… why… your just my friend simple… a part of my life… sorry but i have no more reasons… :D :D I dont need any either… !! I m gonna keep coming !!!!! FOREVER !!

bout your blog…

I remember one of the earliest post of yours I read was that Tatti tales from your doctor… !!!! ROFL still even thinking about how you wrote that post makes me laugh… !! :lol: thats the first time I laughed aloud on a blog… that was in the very beginning when I had just begun… !!! ever since I have had you on my blog roll and I have been visiting… :D

Your Omchilla’s are now a common preparation in my egg’s recipe !!!!! :D :D :D

I can vouch no one… not even you would have made as many Om chilla’s since that post… though my wife is probably on the look out for you to ask you why you posted that recipe… she is now bored of it… !! and i cant get enough… !!

I love the way you do tags.. and I thing the first tag i got was from you… and I love doing them just like you.. !!

Yours is a warm place its modern too… its funny tooo , its thoughtful too and sensible and sensitive too… its everything one can hope to be… and hence I am here always… !!!!!


only 300 in 3 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a performance below par.. pull up your socks will ya… ! really… you got some tall people to level… (ME) !!!! :D :D :P :P :P

PS – and you even mentioned me coming and all the fun starting !!!!!!!! waah waah… i m thrilled to bits !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D :D

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

baaki sab paani kum… !!!!! he he he …


PPS – good thing you moderated comments… it gives original ideas rather than reading other commentors and copying.. !! :D :D :D

The lovely Tara says

“you had me smiling with that last line of the post :)

you are someone full of life, energy, enthusiasm and the determination to make it happen. I know from your posts that you bring with you a positive vibe that lightens up the environment.. and what I like about you is you dont pretend, I mean when u are happy, it shows and when u are sad, that shows too.. there is no trying to please or pretending to smile kind of thing with you.. I like ppl who are comfortable in their skin and who spread cheers around :) I see a lil bit of my sister and a lil bit of her SIL in you and I love both of them… this might be one more reason I am around here :)

and then you cook up such nice recipes :P what else… thats it i guess..

and hey, congratulations for 300.. may you enjoy it here for long enough..

Abha the girl with a lovely smiles says

“ooh! congrats girl!! thats indeed a huge milestone!

me come to read everything you write. be it recipes, current affairs or the fun way you do your tags in! me like your blog!

hugs ans here’s to many more!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Shilpa says

“I love that you are so honest in your writing. Whether it is about cooking, about your son, about your husband or about the weightloss. You are honest and you mean what you write. I come back everyday to read your thoughts and your ideas AND YOUR RECIPES. I also felt your pain when you blogged about your health and your weight gain and wanted to hug you and let you know that you are an amazing woman who will get what she wants. I loved your birthday post. I love to see your smiling face in my comments too! Heres to many more 300s!”

Smitha says

“Congratulations, Monika! Over 3 years! Wow, that is an achievement!

‘When I started blogging it was an impulse and for a long time was just blogging with hardly any interactions, then started the interactions and comment exchange and then hitchy came and made that the real fun!!!’ – Agree totally :)
I know I would have got bored had it not been for the interactions with other bloggers, which make it so much fun and so special!

What do I like about your blog – I love the way you write.. All your posts are honest, from the heart posts. And yes, I love the recipes you put here too :)

Reema says

“300????? :O I am still at 190 :) congrats!”

Vandana says


Thats a remarkable feat indeed..”

Vinod Sharma says

“Congrats Monika. A triple century is no mean feat. Let us see many more triples. All the best!”

The darling goofy says

“Congrats! 300… wow! Way to go Mon. I think I come to your blog because I connect to you at some level, and that makes it like catching up with a friend, when I read your blog. Besides, your enthusiasm is so clearly visible on the blog, that it is addictive to come back and get enthused.:)”

Don Solilo says

“Congratulations, Monix! 300 posts and 3 years. WOW!

I commented on your post long back on blogspot when you wrote about your ‘tatti tales’. I still laugh just thinking about it. :lol: Then I think I forgot about your blog. I wasn’t much into bloghopping then. I don’t remember when I became regular on your blog but whatever the reason is, it is good. :)

You seem fun to be around, straight forward and bevdi…a lot like me. If we were in same college, we would be good pals. Now that is enough for me to be a regular on your blog. Keep writing! and do see that doctor again for a new tale. Ha..ha..ha..”

Deeps says

“Wow what a day to stumble on your post..congratulations,Monika!
Yes,blogging has been quite a blessing for me too..have had the good fortune of making some wonderful friends here.

Keep sharing like this.Am glad to have come by your page.will look forward to reading you more often :)

Mini says (thanks for the commenr mini)

“Hi Monika, I do sometimes read your blog and it always gives me a nice feeling reading it, I don’t know why, maybe its your bindaas attitude that comes across in the blog. Will try to be more regular with the comments, in the meantime keep those gr8 posts coming :)

Chandu says

“waah waah mubarakan!”

Vishesh says

“ha congrats :) Why do I read…hmm…I haven’t read enough of your blog to say that yet..but there is something which does make me read it :)

Guy says

“like your style…”

The super creative Crafty says



so u have been blogging for 3 years!!!!! wowie!!!!!!
and that’s like 100 posts per year!!!! sooooooper!!!!!

hitchu made the comments fun???? i have no doubts on that!!!!
tee hee hee!!! :D :D :D

why do i come back???

i can’t seem to remember when exactly i started visiting u monu, but it was shen u were on blogspot! and i liked the way u write, and i liked the topics u write on too! its a good mix…sometimes funny, sometimes its a bit solemn, issues discussed…

then there were posts where u shared ur life, that connected me to you…
i remember that post where u told about how a stranger woman came and passed some silly comment about Ojas not yet starting to talk…
i swear that was like…blood boiling!!!!! sheesh!!!!!

then there was a post about a rough patch u were facing monu, decisions to make, and u were cryin…

all those times, i just wished i cud do something…
like everyine else, gave my few words, and waited to see if all was well again!

ur recipes monu!!!! the parathas u made with corn in it!!! i remember!!

ur tags too! i think i have read a lot of tags here at ur blog! and i loved them all!!! fun fun fun!!

i found u genuine! and very warm!! and i loved ur little Ojas tales, or funny emails ur choice in songs u did…that ABC wednesdays u do!!!

and of course, all the fitness talks and the dancing that we have done together!!!!! that’s MOST imp to me!!!!!

balle balle aahun aahun!!!!

:D :D :D

{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}} monu!!!!!!!!

must to celebrate with ….. what else..DANCE!!!!!

*monu and crafty are dancing like nobody’s business*

:D :D :D

wish u many more posts and hope many more ppl find the friend that i found in u monu!

love u so much! tight hugs n smacky muahs!!!!”

Imp’s Mom says

“errr…. i love ur blog???

do I really???

Oh!!! I dunno…

kidding :P

Love your simple writing, ur post always bring a smile and for those serious posts, they touch my heart… most of the time I’m late in getting here to read ur posts, but I never miss them.

300 posts and still counting… don’t stop Monika ! :)

and Congrats!!!”

M4 says

“What I love about your blog is the honesty which is touching and the sweetness which shows me that you have a pure heart. I find no malice in what you write and you objective is a simple sharing of your thoughts, feelings and ideas. You reach out to us in a trusting manner and it is impossible not to respond.”

Swaram says

“Mons, I know u wil kill me if I don’t comment here n on the other posts too ;)
Can that be a reason :P

Well, kidding apart, I feel very connected with ur posts more so bcoz I feel there is a wavelength match … simple, straight-forward posts, versatile in nature! I love ur take on day-to-day issues, the peek I get into ur beautiful garden and luvvvvvvvvv Oju updates :) Oju is ofcourse sweet n ur writing makes the updates sweeter ;)

Okie abhi, where is the ice-cream u promised me :P

Indyeah says

“What do I like about your blog? :)
Why do I keep coming back?
What is it that makes me read your posts with interest? :)

in one word. YOU.
Your personality. Your nature that is sunny and warm and all of which comes through in your words on this space too :)

the fact that you dont stick to any one subject ..but that you write on anything and everything ..whatever happens to touch your life at any given moment. :)
that you write dil se …ekdum dil se :D

the fact that your posts have NEVER been pretentious …NEVER !
and I can say that for very few human beings..in real or virtual life :)
with you its” what you see is what you get ”

the fact that your lil angel’s tales draw me to your other blog too :)

so I am hooked on to two blogs of yours :D

you are a cool woman who lives life with a smile .. each day, each moment..even those moments when you probably dont feel the most cheerful are shared with so much honesty that its amazing to see :)

even your pics show a happy woman who lives life with a zest :D

there are many reasons that make me come back again and again to your blog :) these are just a few out of those many :)
the ones I could pinpoint that is :)

Iya says

“Hope i am not too late.
Why do i come here – coz this place has the kind of warmth felt only in those lovely cosy homes. This place is honest and has no pretence. i come back and read you coz after having read you for the past several months i know really like you :)

Ramya says(thanks for delurking)

“Hey Monica,
Congrats on your 300! Been a regular visitor of yours for a few months now and delurking now..Here’s to next 300!”

Mampi Says

“I come to your blog because of the simple recipes you post, because of the simple joys that you share, because of the person that you are. Yes, I am biased in favor of the person more than the writing. I love the simple sense of humor that you possess, and the expression of the camaraderie that you and N share. Thank you for bringing it to us, thank you for being you and I am proud to know you.”

Ritu says

“Monika, your warmth and simplicity shines through your blog. Am richer for knowing you and your mind. Keep blogging!”

Life Begins Says

“COngrats M. Keep the words flowing and adding smiles to our lives. I am so glad to know you through your blogs. I love each of your blogs – be it about Ojas, or travel tales or this one.

Beautiful and heart-warming!! Keep writing!!
Lets see 500 now 🙂 “

Massod says

” Happy 300 posts Monika. Congratulations on the milestone. Kinda reminds of that movie ‘300′. You blog is something like that movie, unique and exceptional, of strength and resolve (w.r.t. your weight loss regime and posts).

Congrats again and wish you a few more multiples of 300s!!! 😀


D says

“I come to read you for your enthusiasm and verve for life :)”

Sue Says

“Reason I come back again? Because this blog is like a friend, very innocent and trustable. Whatever you say, you get a response without fail, which is not very common in blogosphere, especially when the blogger gets more popular. That way, you are an awesome host, taking great care for your guests.

Kudos to you and even though I don’t comment everyday (because I read blogs from my mobile everyday and it’s challenging to make comments), I shall be counting upto the 500th post, pretty soon.”

Neha says

” 😳 How did I miss this post?? 😯 Sowwy!
And Congratulations! I like your blog coz its honest, from the heart, and I love your headers too 🙂 “

Thank u all for ur super comments, I love u… U all make my life as colorful as this post.


Thats a remarkable feat indeed..


300????? :O I am still at 190 :) congrats!!


Congratulations, Monika! Over 3 years! Wow, that is an achievement!

‘When I started blogging it was an im