I am elated its been a month I started this serisouly and I have acheived the target that I had set for myself actually a little more…

Initial weight – 94.3 kg

Last Week Weight – 90.3 kg

Current Weight – 89.2 kg

This week drop -1.1 kg

Total drop – 5.1 kg

Yay I am happy with myself.

So the diet for next week is

Day1, Day2 – normal balanced diet

Day 3 – deviation (why, I have been shouting about this all over… changed the header for the same too, yes yes its my birthday :):) )

Day 4 – Paneer Diet

Day 5, 6, 7 – original negative balance diet

This deserves a celebration right so I went and treated myself with one of the truffles that I had made sometime back (yes IΒ  had saved one for this day :):) ) now this is valid isnt it ?

I hope I dont put on too much weight on my birthday because I dont plann to any sensible eating that day after all birthdays come once a year or should I?