Intial Weight : 94.3 kg

Last week weight : 90.2 kg

This week weight : 90.3 kg

Total loss : 4.0 kgs

Ok so happiness is indeed shortlived… but its ok as I had two deviations this week…I was actually supposed to go and check the weight on Monday only then why did I go today… read on….

I have been stuggling with a cough since abt 15 days now… till now I was trying to get it down by only auryvedic medicines and home remedies, it had actually gone down too but last two days it has gone up again and was forced to take allopathic cough sryup and tablets… so when I called my DC this morning…she asked me to come and see here… and one look and she told me are u mad… go see a doctor and take a antibotic course… we will deal with the weight later… first u have to be strong… and this is why I like her so much

But this is what I always get agigated on… why does my health decide to play with me everytime I start doing something… this is what I mentioned in my first post as the viscous circle… but i am determined i will break it this time

I will…

So the DC has given me just a balanced diet for next 5 days as I have to be on antiboitics and also told me most likely I will put on weight in the next week but dont fret..

BF – Sandwich + 1 cup of skimmed milk / 1 bowl of sweet daliya / stuffed parantha + 1 cup of skimmed milk

MM – fruit/bowl of sprouts

Lunch – 2 roti + 1 katoori dal + 1/2 – 3/4 katoori fresh curd + sabzi + salad

Evening tea+ marie biscuit

6:00 – 1 sandwich

Dinner – 1-2 roti + subzi + salad

General Instructions :

  • Sip hot cup of water/green tea after every meal
  • Eat 1 gauava everyday

Hopefully cough should be better next week….