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My childhood… the growing up years and the rakhi days…

We are three sisters so technically there has never been a rakhi festival for us… but I still have fond memories of this  festival as growing up…

For me raksha bandhan

is the time for get togethers and the cousins ganging up to have loads of fun while the elders are gossiping

is the time when a yummy kheer would be made my badi mummy, the taste of which still lingers in my mouth… no one has been able to match that benchmark of kheer for me…i miss u badu mummy too much

is the time when we would look forward to the gifts and the money collected by tying rakhi to all cousins and then decide what is that we want to buy using that

is the time when one day before rakhi would be spent in school in a competitioon on which girl tied more rakhis and which boy got most…. and yes needless to say it was just till 6th or 7th 🙂

is the time when all girls would compete to get rakhi tied to the most popular boy and all girls would compete to get rakhi tied by the most popular girl

is the time when hours would be spent selecting rakhi and then later the archies cards to go with them

sigh i miss all this

Happy Raksha Bandhan to u all…