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I do look forward to weekends as most of the people do and most of the weekends I end up having a blast… but there are few weekends in which u feel like saying What a weekend… this one was such after a long time ๐Ÿ˜€

The weekend started for us on Friday as N was on leave just like that… u know I love those days where u put leave just like that and laze at home… and we did exactly that on friday… some grocery shopping plus lazing at home… In the night we watched Videsh on DVD


And I loved it… powerhouse performance by Priety Zinta… I think one of her bests… The movie is about a girl from Punjab who moves to Canada after getting married to a guy whom she has never met and who she gets nothing out of the marraige and deals with it… It starts brilliantly well… u feel totally gripped to it,towards the second half Deepa Mehta brings in a parallel with a sheshnag and how preity imagine her husband to be what he likes as a snake… a little absrtact but very well executed…

Saturday started with a bang… me and N decided to have some couple time and leaving Ojas behind went off for a drive to Dharampuri (about 150kms from blore)…. just like that for a drive and came back home at about lunchtime having cruised at the speeds of about 140kmph…. had a blast… more on the drive coming up on the travel blog soooooooooon…

The afternoon was spend in getting the 2nd shot for ojas’s rabies vaccination…. and a yummy dal makhani made for the pot luck dinner at a friends farmhouse beyond sarjapur… another 20kms from our house… and the evening was a blast…4 couples, a single friend, 5 kids and what a blast was had… its actually uncanny that I read this post by chandni today when this is exactly what we did on Saturday night… As usual she expressed it so well too :)… its a blessing to have couple friends where we can just be ourself as a couple… no hangups… no pretensions and total fun….

I thought after this fablous Saturday nothing we do on Sunday will be able to match upto it…but man I was wrong… One of our very close friendsย  bought a brand new Grand Punto and it was time for a party and a test drive…Its an amazingly good looking car… infact we called it baby ferrari… it failed to impress me in power though…. here is A chachu and ojas with the baby ferrari


We took the car and went to More than paranaths as the boys wanted to have beer and biryani and I stuck to my fresh lime but what time was had… we laughed a created a riot and they had to virtually throw us at 4:30 saying we have to close the place ๐Ÿ˜€ and then we around the Fab India’s of the town looking for some furniture that A wanted to buy

And in the night we went to watch Love AajKal….


We were pretty pissed by the time we were seated in the theatre because it took us 30 mins to enter the parking of Fame Lido how can u run a multiplex and say we dont have enough parking??? and then their pickup kiosks were not working ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Nonethless coming to the movie it was an average movie for me, I had great expectations from the movie specially looking at the 4/5 rating from TOI, personally I think the concept of the movie was great… running two love stiores of different era in paralle and comparing the nuances, it caught our generation bang on… the pratcial approach to realtions… for me what killed the movie was Deepika’s horrible performance… her so clear south indian accent in hindi…ย ย  But its a decent one time watch….

So bolo want it WAW!!!

PS: the only sad part in the weekend it put on 500gms of weight :(will have to workd hard this week…and the cough gosh I am fed up of it… I think it has makde friends me forever ๐Ÿ˜ฆ