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Bringing up Adi is a blog that have been reading for about an year now, needless to say when I came to know that a book is being launched by Parul, I wanted to grab it ASAP

And now I have finally finished reading it and rereading some parts of the brilliant Bringing up Vasu : The first year


The thing I love most about Parul’s blog is her humor and that was one of the best things in the book too… there were times when people around me were surprised to see me laughing out loudly in a book in hand…

But I think what I loved most about the book is the fact that I could relate to it so much… having just come out of the baby’s first year, I loved the way it brought make memories and how she turned each one of them in funny story…

The feeling of shock after coming home, that yes this is what I have to deal with it… this small living being is my responsibility…

The post parturm depression, crying on the drop of a hat and shouting on whoever’s around…

The so dreaded colic which would strike almost 3 days a week in the evening and nothing would work, all we could do is just carry the crying baby from one room to another doing crazy things… jumping in her case and putting the hair dryer or the running the mixie with water in mine… dont laugh thats the only that used to make Ojas calm 🙂

The diaper rash… the breast feeding and the hunger which comes along… the tough attempt to loose weight only difference being Mira is able to loose it and I am still carrying it 😦

And does it help that I am currently looking for a playschool for Ojas… 😉

I simply loved the book… a book that I could relate too… a book to which I found myself nodding along so many times

Ok because a review has to talk about negatives too, my only complaint with the book is Mira’s mom character… she reminds me of all those larger than life ever obessing with u hindi movie mom’s… remember Kiron Kher’s character in Rani’s mom in Hum tum… why??? but may be as I am trying to relate it to myself… I am trying to relate her to my mom too 😀

but this is a book I recomended to everyone… brilliant read

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