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Flowers have a beauty that nothing can match, a small tiny bloom in one’s garden can bring so much joy… this post has been lying in drafts from so long now and when I saw Preeti’s post about flowers… I realized its time to upload those snaps and publish the post…

So here it is guys, some blooms from my own garden

the bleeding hearts



the white bunches I dont know what they are call, we brought this plant as a cutting from Coorg and the gardener we had at that time said of its useless… but still asked me to plant because it signfied the plant from the travel (yes we are crazy, everyplace we go we bring a plant back… we even brought a plant back from yelagiri when we went there by bike :D) and now this plant gives us this bunches all through the year



the solitary rose, not by any means the best rose… but i am readlly bad at growing roses.. this is one of the few that have bloomed… such a shame my mom was known for her roses in the whole colony where we used to live before and when we were moving to an apartment where we didnt have the space to keep them, there was a near fight for her rose plants…


the lovely double hibsicus… i have hibsicus in many colors at home, some in two tones.. sadly only this and the standard red is in bloom right now


the red and white Bounganvillea, till about two months back it was covering the whole of my backfence and they used to bloom like crazy…. but then the society wanted to raise the height of the fence and they cut the whole thing… the whole thing, just with the stem left… I was so scared whethere it will come back or not… thankfully it is… I have a yellow one too but thats still to bloom



the ginger lily


dont know their name but again I have them in multiple colors at home


Flowers indeed cheer one up πŸ™‚