Today’s ABC Wednesday’s alphabet is X, by no means an easy one…but having missed on the last three times… I wanted to do one for sure but was clueless how to make something out of X… enable to think of anything i put in on twitter and FB and got some responses…. but nothing to make an intersting post out fof it… I scratched my head and then realised bah… how can miss this

“X” is what determines the fate of the human being brought into the the world and atleast in India the mother who is going to bring the life in the world.

X is a important thing… come to think of its just an alphabet right but looked at from a choromsome point of view… makes two people so different, makes them male and female….

An X could mean the pain, the humilation for the mother and also resulting in a illegal abortion

An X could mean that the person born would have being discrimated against all her life if the above was not true

An X could mean that the little girl would loose her childhood and be forced into doing the household chores only

An X could mean that she will be denied her right of education

An X could mean that the girl who is still to become a teenager will be forced into marriage against her wishes

An X could mean that she’ll be told her whole life what to wear and what not

An X could mean that all her life she will either be a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, mother but never herself

An X could mean that she will be labelled as ghar ki ijaazt inspite of being  a human who thinks and feels

An X could mean that if she is wronged at she will be blamed still, saying u asked for it


An X could also mean that there will be someone feeling and giving the motherly love which has no match at all…

An X could also mean someone standing upto all the discrimation and fighting hard with all the strength she has

An X could also mean a pillar of emotional strength, holding the whole family up in times of difficulties

An X could also mean bright shining doctors, and the girls outdoing boys every year in results

An X could also mean getting together and making something as trivial as pink chaddi a big revolution

An X could also mean an Mother Terresa, Indira Nooyi, Sonia Gandhi, Kiran Majumdar-Shaw, Chanda Khochhar, Mallika Sarabhai, Sunita Williams, Sania Mirza

Hope we keep adding to the X of the second list and the X from the first list just vanish