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Last week actually 10 days back just before leaving for Munnar I thought of getting myself a regular trim at my Spratt my regular place for a cut from past 6 years… I went through the regular routine of washing and conditioning of hair… what bliss… the way the massage the hair while washing one just wishes it continues forever 🙂

However that was interrupted and a warm clean towel wrapped around my head and me taken to the station to get the works done… Brijesh (my fav hairdresser in Spratt, its different thing that he is almost bald himself :D) walked up, inspected my hair as if its dress material he is planning to buy or may be do some work on… during all this I was thinking “gosh I am so bored of my hairstyle, I think I should do something different this time” and just then

B: Madam, its been the same from sometime isnt it… lets do something different

Me: (stunned) ya ya ya why not (how the hell did he know what I am thinking, ok may be short this time)

B: let go short this time mam

Me : (not able to speak at all)  aah aaah ya we can

At this point of time he started working on my hair again snip snap…. concentrating as its a work of art… and my mind could only think of what happened… I know its a freak conciendence but have you guys seen Everybdy Says I’m fine, I am taking about the movie directed by Rahul Bose (BTW I find him extermely hot, he has a intellect that is unmatched in the industry… but thats a different post) and Rehaan Engineer (I think one of the most underrated actors of our times)… for those who have not seen it; RE is a hair dresser in the movie with a power to read people’s mind while the scicors are snipping….

All I do think of then is the movie, the fact that what if he can read my mind, if does he will go crazy for sure… because most of the times there are crazy things running in my mind lol… but on a serious just think of it… if it really comes true? Most of the people including myself have so many thoughts running at that time… its a time which most of us have to ourself… mostly my mind is running wild thinking about work, home, cooking, Ojas, fights with N…. good times too… its a bouqet of thoughts most private to me… sometimes not shared with anyone…. and I would dread if anyone  hears them…. they could be the most crazy ones, most sane ones, happy ones, sad ones but they are mine not for the world to share

What about u guys, whats running on your mind when u go get a hair cut, and what if those thoughts could be read by the person working on ur hair?