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Incase you are wondering what crap is that, that is the only way I could write till couple of days back… my laptop keypad to be blamed

So when I wrote this “Laptop Keypad behaving weird go figure what I wrote” it displayed the above… so all you people asking me what that means on gtalk and FB and sigh me not being able to reply too…. 😦 this is what it is

Some days back my cleaning dropped exactly 5 drops of water on my laptop keypad and it refused to work till then… all tricks were tried aka using dryer, putting it in sun but it still refused to work…

Then the call was made to Wipro support and gosh what I heard was a shock… a rude shock… the person told me that they will take Rs. 3000 to come and see the laptop and post that any other charges would be decided… 3K????????????? I asked them if I could bring it somewhere and that would reduce the cost.. but nah thats how it works… I was taken aback… so all guys working fro Wipro…. tell your company thats not done… Forutnately for me, all the people working in Wipro includes N πŸ™‚ and he pulled a little strings and the 3K service fee was waved… but I am still thinking about the normal junta… not fair…

Anyways so now my laptop is back in order and I am slowly catching up on commenting on all the posts slowly…. Hitchy dear dont u worry all the comments are coming πŸ™‚

PS: the journey to munnar written by N is up at the travel blog go read here, what we did there will follow soon written by yours truly πŸ™‚