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In  the lovely Blogscar held by a very generous IHM some days back… and a few fell into my lap too

Thanks IHM

Resonance award

The Versatile Blogger

Kreativ Blogger

And then the lovely Mandy made me even more happy by bestowing me with the lovely blogger award… thanks Mandy

lovely blogger

But the most dearest as Pal rightly puts, friendship is the best award came from Pal… thanks dear the virtual friends I have made here are amazing…


I am really feeling like a star today 🙂

And now time to pass the awards…

The dearest one first…. so the blogger friendship award goes to …. Indy, Solilo, Abha, Hitchy, Crafty, IHM, Imp’s Mom, namesake, Priyanka, Roop, GM, Mandy, Pal (yes u get it too :)), chandu, Aathira,Anamika and many more friends I have made here… guys u all rock…. love u all

Will pass the rest of awards ASAP….

Till then thanks a ton guys… love u all

and ya as most of u know I have been telling it to everyone anyways I was I am off to munnar… Sometime back Hitchy did a post on himalayas which was followed by tara’s post on Valley of Flowers and  these two posts had me craving for a vacation so hard…. now I cant go the himalayas suddenly but nonetheless Munnar it is… its as good as himalayas in the south 😀

So u guys be J and I will be back soon………..